Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse
A Fine Dining Restaurant in Niagara Falls

Brasa Brazilian SteakhouseWhen choosing between the fine dining steakhouses in Niagara Falls, one name that is sure to come up is Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse.

Located directly across from the Fallsview Casino Resort in the Hilton Hotel and Suites, Brasa offers an authentic Brazilian dining experience. A dining experience that includes showcasing the skills of real gauchos all while serving succulent cuts of beef, pork, chicken and lamb from large skewers that have been slowly roasted over open fires.

Gauchos are the Brazilian version of what many people may know of as the “American Cowboy”. Many years ago gauchos would travel the southern countryside of Brazil, tending to their livestock. Over time, generations in fact, they have perfected they style of cooking their meals over large bonfires and creating delicious dishes including amazing cuts of meat.

Brasa Steakhouse has taken this style of cooking and turned it into an elegant form of dining. The Brasa menu includes delicious items such as the skewered meats noted above along with fresh seafood and great sides including vegetables and salads.

Along with the great food available at Brasa Restaurant your dining experience will be even more enhanced with the elegant and rich décor. With large dining tables, leather chairs and dark hard wood flooring, the restaurant is spacious and comfortable to visit.

Brasa’s dining hours are from 5pm to 2am while the wine bar at Brasa is open from 5pm to 11pm daily.

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse
Hilton Hotel and Suites
6361 Fallsview Blvd.
Niagara Falls


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