Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls is one of nature's most impressive displays of power and is famous throughout the world. The Falls themselves are made up of three unique waterfalls themselves and are located on the border of Canada and the United States.

Difference between US and Canada
Although the American side of the Falls in the United States is impressive, Niagara Falls Canada is the place to go when you really want to see the full beauty of the falls full out.

Niagara Falls Canada has long been preserved in a way that optimizes is views and wonder for anyone visiting the City.

Even though a lot of water is diverted on both sides to use in industry such as creating hydro power, the water intakes and outputs along the river are far enough away from the Falls themselves that they are not in view to tourists standing at the Brink of the Falls.Although the power plants of Niagara Falls Canada are popular attractions in and of themselves, they are located at a distance far enough from the tourist sections of the City of Niagara Falls Canada that they don’t affect the beauty.

Niagara Falls Canada also has many professionally maintained parks, wooded areas and spacious residential areas within walking distance of the Falls that it makes visitors feel like they are closer to nature when on the Canadian side. Niagara Falls America has done a lot in recent years to try to boost its “natural beauty” to tourists but still has a long way to go because the city started as an industrial town, using the natural power of the falls and river to power its factories and shops without optimising it’s potential for tourism dollars at the time.

The Best View
The Niagara River has served as a natural border between Canada and the United States ever since the countries were formed. Due to the way the Niagara River and Niagara Falls naturally formed over thousands of years, it is generally agreed by all that the Canadian side of the Falls offers the best views.The US has done much over the years to enhance their vantage points, such as creating platforms that jut out over the rocky edge, create stair cases and board walks that go down and beside the giant falls. They had even created a hot air balloon ride that would lift patrons high above the falls to give great views.All this was done well but still can’t give visitors the kind of spectacular views of Niagara Falls that Niagara Falls Canada can provide.

Along with the famous attractions like Clifton Hill, The Skywheel, Maid of the Mist, Whirlpool Jet Boats among others, Niagara Falls Canada is one place that you must visit if you are planning a vacation in the area. It is surly worth a quick trip across one of the three boarder bridges and if you are in Niagara Falls NY, you can actually walk across the Rainbow Bridge to the Niagara falls Canada and see what everyone is talking about.

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