Niagara Falls Fishing

Niagara Falls Fishing can be some of the most exciting fishing around. People are surprised to find out how good it can be here.

Fishing in Niagara offers the best of two worlds. You get the chance to fish in some of the best fishing grounds in North America while also catching views of some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world!

The Niagara Region in Canada is full of great places to fish and Niagara Falls Fishing is some of the best!Hey, when you have a giant river like the Niagara running between two fresh water Great Lakes, Ontario and Erie, you are bound to find some of the best fishing around.

Catch of the Day
As with any good fishing locations, there are certain times of the year when you can fish for specific species. In the Niagara area, the most common Sport fishing species include Salmon, Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Musky and Steelhead.

Of course there are many different varieties of fish available throughout the year and asking a local sport fisherman or hiring the services of a fishing charter service will give you all the information on fishing in Niagara.

Do I Need a License?
Yes, anyone sport fishing in Ontario is required to hold a current fishing license. These license’ range anywhere from 1 day, 8 day and 1 year permits and range from as little as under 5 dollars for children to 68 dollars for full year licences.

If you are interested in Niagara Falls Fishing and would like more information about getting fishing tags for both residents and non-residents of Ontario please check out the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

Where to Fish
Although there are virtually hundreds of great fishing spots along the Niagara River and the shores of both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, the best way to really find the absolute best spots is to use the services of a fishing guide.

With the use of a fishing guide you will get the best of two worlds. First off local fishing tour operators know where all the best spots for fishing is and know when the best times of the season and day are to tap into these fishing holes are. Another reason to go with a pro is that they know and can sometimes supply you and your group with all the right papers, equipment and bait to use for the fish you’re going after.

Add to that some knowledge of the history of Niagara Region, fishing with a charter company can add up to a great morning or afternoon on the water.

Fishing Charter Companies
Here we have listed several fishing charter companies that service all of the Niagara Region including Niagara Falls.

Niagara Fishing Adventures

Let Captain Aldo Nava guide you to the best fishing spots in Niagara during your visit to Niagara Falls!

With almost 30 years of fishing under his belt, Aldo’s fishing guide and charter boat experience has landed him appearances on several television shows including The Canadian Sport Fisherman Television Show.

For more information contact:
Niagara Fishing Adventures
Aldo Nava

Cast Adventures

Paul Castellano will demonstrate his more than 25 years of experience fishing the Great Lakes while guiding you on everything you need to know in order to catch any of the species of fish available in the area including Niagara Falls.

Put Paul’s 15 years of competitive bass fishing experience to work for you while having the fishing adventure you won’t soon forget.

For more information contact:
Cast Adventures
Paul Castellano

Looking for more to do on top of fishing in Niagara Falls? Check out some of the great golf courses located in the area.

When not taking advantage of the great Niagara Falls Fishing why not check out the rest of the City here.

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