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Anybody who travels throughout the world or even just their own country does so with the intention of discovering new and exciting places.

This includes the millions of travelers who visit Niagara Falls every year and to help these travelers make the most of their visit the region has it’s own tourist information radio station, CJRN 710

Tuning the radio to CJRN-AM 710 during your trip to Niagara Falls is a great way to keep up on last minute weather bulletins, traffic updates and event schedules.

With a signal that covers all of Southern Ontario and parts of Western New York like Buffalo and Rochester, CJRN allows people both living in these regions or traveling to the Falls to find out information about the goings on in Canada’s most popular travel destination.

On top of giving frequent weather bulletins, traffic updates and Niagara Region events schedules, Tourist Radio CJRN-AM 710 also updates listeners on waiting times at the border crossings in and out of the Falls and Fort Erie, and broadcasts stories about the history of the Niagara Region.

CJRN broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter what time you get the urge to take off and do something fun in the falls whether it be getting a look at the late night Falls Illumination or taking in some gaming fun at the Casinos, you can always get traffic and weather information you need any time of day.

To listen to CJRN while visiting the Niagara Falls area just tune your radio to AM 710. The weather and travel information is updated often and event the commercials are mostly all local giving travelers some great ideas for places to eat or visit during their trip.

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everything-niagara-falls.com is not affiliated with CJRN 710. If you wish to cantact the radio station please do so by the informaion provided below and not by contacting this website. We unfortunatly can not answer your inquiries pertaining to this radio station.

CJRN 710 - Tourist Radio
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Niagara Falls, Ontario.
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Phone: 905-356-6710